As you can see, as dry ice blasting technology increasing, more and more applications for this fascinating cleaning technology are being found every day. And everyone who wants to use a dry ice blasting machine economically should know about the variety of use cases. In here you can find lists of industrial and manufacturing processed which dry ice blasting has established.

Please ask us if you are doubtful whether dry ice blasting is the right solution for your specific requirements.



Dimotech provide demurring solution to plastic and metal industries, can remove burr remains without secondary waste and abrasive materials, no chemical agents as well.

Printing Machine

printing machine cleaning, remove ink and grease

Remove the build-up ink and grease with on-line cleaning. Save time and no removal necessary, no damage to material, seals and bearings.



Separating and binding agents from molds and die casts without mould damage and reduce downtimes.

Plastic Industry


Remove separating release agents and residue from plastic extruders, parts and moulds. On-line clean and save production time by 40-50%.

Tire Molds


Reduce downtimes and prolong the tire molds life, no molds disassembly. Lower labor cost up significantly. 

Electric Power Industry


Cleaning turbines, insulators, motors, heat exchangers, transformers with non-abrasive, no additional waste. Significantly faster and more efficient.

Food Industry


Clean bakeries, wax, cheese dairies, ovens, conveyor belt systems, tanks, machinery and the entire food processing area. Boost efficiency and increase asset life. Use food-grade dry ice and clean in place to prevent bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria.

Machine Industry

dry ice cleaning tanks, conveying systems, dispensing systems or mixers and adhesives.

Tanks, conveying systems, dispensing systems or mixers can be freed of deposits of bitumen, resins, adhesive or other substrates.

Paint Removal

Use dry ice to remove paint.

Remove the black paint from engine covers without damage and ready to re-paint. There is no damage to the surface of what is being cleaned.